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Christmas time means Christmas presents and I’ve been really trying to buy conscious gifts that are sustainable and/or support small businesses. So I’ve decided to turn this month’s 5 things into a little gift guide of what I bought this year…

  1. Etsy

It’s official, Etsy may have overtaken Depop as my shopping obsession this December. In terms of Christmas gifts, I bought my friends’ children some really lovely laser cut wooden Christmas tree decorations with personalised names. I bought my dad a new mouse mat made from recycled leather because his one was about 8 years old and beyond crummy. I also treated myself to some Etsy goodies over the year. I’ve always had a positive experience and the products are always so well made. I’m thinking I’ll share these in a separate post…


I’ve been trying to ask people what they’d like this year rather than guessing and ending up buying stuff they just won’t use, and my sister asked me for a teapot and milk jug. Challenge accepted! I hunted high and low and finally came across AURA QUE, a really lovely ethical brand that sells handmade gifts. The founder Laura Queening works with small producers and artisans in Asia to help encourage empowerment to disadvantaged people. I bought my sister the Josila Stoneglazed Teapot & Milk Jug which was handmade by a family business run by two brothers in Nepal.

  1. Toms

This year I decided to buy my mum a new pair of Toms slippers because I got her her first pair a few years ago and she literally lives in them so much, they are actually falling apart at the seams! I bought her the Ivy Slipper in Lavender which also actually happen to be vegan. I love buying from Toms because they’re a certified B Corp and have a whole host of eco credentials. It’s a win win!

  1. Toney’s Chocolonely

My boyfriend is a total chocoholic (and who am I kidding so am I) so I decided to get him some Toney’s chocolate after hearing all the hype from friends and family. We haven’t tried it before so I’m pretty excited as I’ll also benefit from this present (mwahah). If you haven’t heard of them yet, Toney’s are on a mission to end slavery in the cocoa supply chain which is unfortunately still prevalent in many third world countries. Chocolate that tastes good AND does good? Hell yeah! Check them out here.

  1. Treedom

This year I wanted to get my lovely clients a little thank you for sticking with me for 2020, but they’re located all across the world and are all completely different. The one thing they all have in common? A passion for saving the planet! So I decided to gift them trees. I bought them each a tree from Treedom where you can dedicate them to someone who will receive updates about its growth and progress. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

What gifts have you bought this festive season?