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2019 saw a huge shift in consumer and corporate attitudes in terms of plastic pollution. The ‘Attenborough Effect’ spread far and wide across the world as more and more people’s eyes were opened to the plastic planet we are creating. Significant pledges have been made by nations, governments, businesses and individuals to turn off the plastic tap, especially on single-use plastics.

I’m especially grateful to be able to work with some amazing individuals and organisations who are leading the way when it comes to reducing plastic pollution. One of those individuals is Ulrich Krzyminski, an entrepreneur, engineer and inventor who works in the packaging industry. Ulrich is the founder of BeyondPlastic, an online platform to present and exchange ideas, concepts and products that adopt eco-responsible packaging solutions. I’m delighted to announce that Cocoon have been chosen as BeyondPlastic’s exclusive marketing and PR partner for the coming year! Ulrich’s mission for BeyondPlastic is something that is very close to my heart so I’m incredibly humbled that he’s chosen Cocoon to work on this exciting project with him.

What’s more, in February this year, BeyondPlastic will be launching their very own Award in search of the newest and most innovative eco-responsible packaging solutions! They’re encouraging environmentalists, designers, packaging experts, engineers, students, companies and individuals to put on their thinking caps and come up with inventive ways to help reduce plastic packaging. The Award Ceremony will take place in May where entries will be judged by a jury panel and winners will be awarded cash prizes. You can find out more about the Award and how to enter here.

Please join me in spreading the word about this exciting competition – whether it’s on your social media channels, your blog, or just sharing it with a friend or family member.

Let us work together for a world with less plastic!