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Ok, we admit it, we have a problem. A breakfast-snapping, filter-obsessing kind of problem. Since Instagram arrived in our lives in 2010, we haven’t put our phones down since. It looks like we’re not alone, as Instagram now has over 700 million users (Heath, 2017). But in all seriousness, we love seeing how our favourite brands are getting the most out of Instagram.

Brands Using Instagram

Here are our favourite brands to follow on Instagram:

The Body Shop

The Body Shop’s Instagram account is a beauty junkie’s dream. Fans are treated to sneak peeks of the latest product launches, exclusive competitions and beauty tutorials from trending bloggers. They also post regular updates about their campaigns, like the recent Peace Play Project, and create bite-size videos of ideas on how to upcycle old and used products.

The Body Shop Instagram

National Geographic Travel

Instagram was made for brands like Nat Geo Travel. Their feed is a pure joy to peruse. Featuring snow-capped peaks and crystal-clear seas, it’s the true definition of the hash tag #nofilter. Each post features photographers on assignments around the world and every so often we’re treated to behind the scene ‘Stories’ from a select few.

Nat Geo Travel Instagram

Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’

Joe Wicks is a man on a mission to get the world lean. Using a combination of photos, videos and new Instagram ‘Stories’, Joe shares his love for health and fitness with 1.9 million followers. His catchy content includes 15-minute meal video tutorials, behind the scenes clips as he travels the world and regular updates from his nephew Oscar – what’s not to love? He cleverly uses the hash tag #LeanIn15 to encourage his community to share their meals, workouts and progress photos too.

The Body Coach Instagram

Dog’s Trust

Sorry cats, but we’re on team dog! The Dog’s Trust is the ultimate dog lover’s online community. Run by the HQ digital team Honor & Abbie, the Dog’s Trust shares adorable photos of pets that need rehoming, dog care advice and tips. They ran a #DogsTrustAdvent December photo challenge where users we’re encouraged to share a photo of their dog every day using the #adogisforlife hash tag.

The Dog's Trust Instagram

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella’s cookbooks are a staple in our kitchen. Her plant-based recipes are a food photographers dream; her bounce balls and bircher bowls regularly send Instagram into a frenzy. Ella uses her account as a mini-journal where she shares recipes, updates and reflects openly to her 1.2 million followers about her life.

Deliciously Ella Instagram

We hope you’re an Insta-fan as much as we are! Let us know how your favourite brands are using it in the comments below.

If you would like any more information or to speak with a member of our team, please e-mail hello@cocoondigital.com.


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