Work With Me


I can act as an extension of your team, and am flexible to suit a range of needs. Below are a few of the services I specialise in.

Social Media Marketing

I believe building meaningful brands can only start once you really begin to listen to your customers. I can act as your social media manager to put the customer at the heart of your brand, engaging in real conversations to drive real responses.

My services include social media strategy, social media advertising, groups & community building, participation, influencer engagement, UGC, viral, buzz marketing and more!

PR & Influencers

If you need a helping hand trying to get your business in the spotlight, I can act as your personal PR team while you continue with what you do best - the day-to-day running of your business.

By linking your brand with the key press, bloggers and influencers in the industry, I will ensure your brand creates a real buzz from the get-go.


Not everyone is a wizard with words, and that's ok. I can act as your personal copywriter to assist you with a variety of needs.

I can create authentic copywriting and blog content to delight your readers from the get-go.

My services include press release drafting, blog writing, social media copy creation, copy for print materials, website copy and more - just ask!