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Initially I found deodorant to be one of those items that I struggled to find an eco-friendly alternative for. But deodorants seem to be having a bit of a *moment* of late, with new brands popping up to show us how we can manage our personal care and care for the planet at the same time. I’ve tried a handful of brands now, so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you!

  1. LUSH Aromaco Solid Deodorant Bar (£6.50/100g)

I actually bought this bar last year for my boyfriend after I’d persuaded him to ditch the Dove spray on, woo! However, after he made the switch he was unfortunate to experience a rash which lasted a couple of months. I Googled this and apparently this can happen after you make the switch to a natural deodorant (he is fine now). Anyway, the deodorant bar was since passed on to me and I totally fell in love! Firstly it’s packaging free, it’s super easy to use and it smells divine, a really lovely fresh, floral scent (it contains chamomile and patchouli so it might be this?). When I put in on in the morning it lasts all day, especially during those hot French summer days when I know I’ll need extra protection. After I got through my first bar (it lasted foreverrrrr) I gladly repurchased. However, the new bar is quite hard and sharp, so it’s a bit scratchy when I put it on. After reading I think I may need to massage it down a bit with some warm water to soften it up. I do love this product but I marked it down a bit due to the scratchyness.

Overall score: 3/5

  1. EVOLVE Cotton Fresh Natural Deodorant Cream (£10/30ml)

I’ve tried a few bits from EVOLVE and they’re a really nice brand. I decided to try their deodorant after reading the rave reviews, it’s also vegan and cruelty free and comes in a glass pot. The ingredients are 99% natural and 61.5%. I was so excited to try it, but when my pot arrived, the ingredients were super dry and crumbly and it was very hard to smooth onto my skin as reviews had suggested. I tried mixing it with warm water which *sort of worked* but was a bit of a faff, so I let the team know who very kindly sent me another replacement pot. The second pot was a lot more moist and I was able to work with it a lot more easily. The main ingredient is coconut oil and is predominantly this texture, so my method was to scoop up a small amount, warm it up in my fingers and then smooth it onto my skin. It can get a bit messy! What I loved most about the product was the smell, it’s very subtle but fresh. I would said it doesn’t last as long as LUSH’s bar, and I think they could work on the texture a little more, but otherwise it’s a nice introduction to natural deodorant.

Overall score: 2.5/5

  1. NUUD (€12.95/15ml)

This wouldn’t be a deodorant review if I didn’t mention the new cult product on the market – NUUD. I was a bit sceptical about NUUD as it wasn’t like anything I’d seen before, and they make some pretty bold claims about being effective for up to 7 days…what?! My boyfriend actually switched to NUUD after his LUSH drama and raved about it (mainly by shoving his armpit in my face multiple times a day) so eventually I decided to give it a trial and see what all the fuss was about. The product comes in a bioplastic sugarcane tube, is vegan, and doesn’t use chemicals. It consists of only 10 simple ingredients that you can find out more about here. In summary, it’s great! It doesn’t smell as nice (it doesn’t really have ‘scent’) as the others mentioned, but it’s super effective and I could easily go 2/3 days without needing a top up. I am still a bit sceptical on the bioplastic tube as typically bioplastics are less recyclable and don’t decompose unless they’re in the right conditions, but the product should last a good while. I would also prefer another form of application if I were to be very fussy as you have to wash your hands every time you use it.

Overall score: 5/5

  1. Wild Natural Deodorant (£25 one off or £12 subscription)

Wild Deodorant are the new kids on the block, and in my opinion, the coolest! Just look at their gorgeous branding. How can a deodorant be so chic?! I’m proud to have this on my bathroom shelf. Their refill concept means that you keep the aluminium and recycled plastic applicator and just purchase the inner refills (which are packaged in bamboo pulp). The ingredients are cruelty-free and they don’t contain aluminium and other nasty chemicals. The product itself smells light and zesty, I’m not actually sure which scent I was gifted, possibly orange zest or bergamot? Either way it’s nice, but I do prefer something a bit more sweet and floral like jasmine if I was being picky. The one thing I LOVE about this is the application! All the others I’ve tried I’ve had to rub on with my hands which can get messy and it just doesn’t feel as efficient. The product itself does also feel quite soft already so I’m not sure how long it will last in the hot summer…

Overall score: 4/5

Overall my favourite was NUUD because of it’s sheer effectiveness, but I also loved Wild’s Refill concept, the zero-waste packaging from LUSH and the scent of EVOLVE was my favourite.

What do-good deodorants have you tried?